AUSGANG BCN aims to tailor its flexible work system to the specific needs of each client and their circumstances. You choose the phase during which our collaborative creative process begins. A turnkey project? A service provider? What if we brainstorm it together? Our Art Director, JUAN RICCI, and his international team of professionals (diverse profiles and backgrounds) make our creativity an excellent starting point for any project.





GRAPHIC DESIGN FOR OUTDOORS/ Design and production in all formats, sizes, and materials to have the impact that you are seeking. From local media campaigns (sections and supports provided by municipalities or local governments), through customization of the space for a press conference or presentation to the media that covers the facade of a theatre or a venue, conferences and conventions, vehicle wraps, etc.

Poster/ Banners/ Photocalls/ Backdrops/ Roll Ups/ Billboards/ Opis/ Mupis/ Public transport advertising/ Fair stands & Hospitality displays Etc.

SIGNAGE FOR SPACES AND ROOMS/ The correct marking of an area where an event will take place is undoubtedly a key issue if we are to ensure that everything is running in an orderly fashion. Therefore, whether the space is either indoors or outdoors, AUSGANG BCN knows how to design and produce materials that are appropriate for every occasion.

BRAND IDENTITY DESIGN/AUSGANG BCN deals with the integral image of an entity/ product/ service, from logo design up to its opening in a graphical system. If necessary, a manual of standards will be created to regularize present and future uses of the brand. As an example, another service linked to the presence of the brand. AUSGANG BCN also designs and produces items that increase the value of a communication action (showrooms, samplings, outlets and stands).

New brands/ Rebranding/ Manual of applications and standards/ Stationery & Business Cards/ Merchandising Etc.

EDITORIAL DESIGN/ AUSGANG BCN designs and prepares all kinds of graphic editorial materials.

Press ads/ Newspapers/ Magazines/ Leaflets/ Brochures/ Literature/ Presentations/ Advertorials/ Guides/ Foldouts/ Flyers/ Press Dossiers/ Books and textbooks Etc.

ART DESIGN FOR CDs/ DVDs/PACKAGING/ Design for all types of Packaging.

Digipack/ Digisleeve/ Mint Pack/ Digifile /Slimbox/ Jewelbox/ Cardboard CD case  Etc.

GRAPHIC PRODUCTION/ AUSGANG BCN offers the design and the graphic production as well, including management provider (negotiating the budget and conditions with our added value of framework agreements). A true turnkey solution for your graphics needs.





DIGITAL DESIGN/ AUSGANG BCN programs and designs the link between a product or service and its potential audience online.

Banners/ Ticketing/ Email signatures/ Newsletters/ Forms/ Invitations/ E-commerce Etc.

WEBSITES/ Web design and programming.